About NickSoft


Founded in 2013, Nicksoft Solutions is a provider of software and electronics development services. Our team includes skilled professionals who have more than a decade experience in the fields of

  • web development
  • electronics
  • business processes analysis and software systems
  • backend and custom web application development
  • database design and management

How we work

We offer full development cycle:

  1. We help the client to define the technical requirements - Most clients do not realise the importance of having clear and detailed project technical requirements. The thorough requirements document will allow not only faster development, but also help later when extending and managing the project.
  2. Functional design
  3. Development
  4. Testing - we offer manual and automated testing.
  5. Management, support and extending - We stand behind our work!


We live in a world of mass production where everything is optimized for quantity and price, and not for quality. Our mission is to create quality software and not being cheap on resources spent when developing a project. Cost and time of a project is important, so we try to be effective in that regard, unless it'll compromise the quality. Even though the final word is the customer's, we will advice the best approach to achieve quality product.