Electronics Design

We offer design of custom electronics and devices. We can also assist in manufacturing your device or even handle the whole process for you and give you the final product.

Advangtages of custom electronics and devices:

  • Designed for your needs: If you can not find a device that suits your needs on the market we can build it for you.
  • Cost effective even for small quantities: You don't need to manufature 1000s to achieve a reasonable price
  • Product with your brand: You own the final product and all the design documents
  • Custom electronics brings you ahead of your competition

Functionalities that we can add to your electronic device include, but are not limited to:

  • Data logging - voltage, current, power, temperature
  • Process automation
  • Sensors - temperature, humidity, pressure, level, etc.
  • Control power devices - motors, heaters, lights
  • Information displays - LED, LCD, TFT, OLED
  • Communication - RS232, USB, Wireless
  • Combine electronics with software and web pages